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Data + Art Festival

The Data + Art Festival is a one-day event to celebrate data as a medium in art, recognize the importance of art in industry, and break down the barriers of collaboration between data practitioners and artists of all backgrounds.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2022 festival! Watch the stream here.

"Digital Wellbeing" - Call For Submissions

We are spending more and more time in the digital world. Alongside digital being comes the need for digital wellbeing. Can we use art to more deeply explore "digital wellbeing" beyond usual suspects like social media consumption and screen time metrics?

Consider submitting artwork—using or related to data—that interprets the "Digital Wellbeing" theme.

We have two submission categories, based on the dataset you use for your work, for a cash prize of $1000 and a spot in our virtual exhibition.

We will also have three runner-ups in each category who will also get spots in our virtual exhibition.

All other artists with accepted submissions will have the opportunity for their work to be hosted on our virtual gallery, as well as to attend the festival as a featured artist.

About the Festival

Janssen Commercial Data Sciences is seeking to host a forum to celebrate and discuss the convergence of data and art. The Data + Art Festival is an open discussion of the data artist community. Through this shared discussion, the perception of data can be expanded while simultaneously empowering data artists to have a platform to tell their stories. On the day, the festival will consist of an exhibition in a digital gallery, presentation of the selected finalists' art from each category, and a space to foster open discussion.

2022 Festival Program

Data-Driven Art Examples

Digital Body Language

Digital Body Language is a creative technology experiment... It aims to encourage reflection on the way technology mediates communication and brings attention to the human behind the screen.

Artists: Tore Knudsen, Agnieszka Billewicz and Bianca Di Giovanni, 2018.


"I Touch You And You Touch Me"

"We interact with our computers constantly, touching them more than we touch any person in our lives, and grooming them inside and out. For a month, I recorded all interactions with my phone and fed them into a machine learning system, which then output new, learned gestures. These "hallucinated" movements are awkward yet eerily accurate swipes, taps, and typing based on what my computer has learned from my interactions with it. Presented as an interactive sculpture, these new gestures are enacted by a small robotic arm on the visitor's palm as they sit at a low, altar-like table.

Artist: Jeff Thompson, 2016-2017


Library of Babel

The Library of Babel is a place for scholars to do research, for artists and writers to seek inspiration, for anyone with curiosity or a sense of humor to reflect on the weirdness of existence - in short, it's just like any other library. If completed, it would contain every possible combination of 1,312,000 characters, including lower case letters, space, comma, and period. Thus, it would contain every book that ever has been written, and every book that ever could be - including every play, every song, every scientific paper, every legal decision, every constitution, every piece of scripture, and so on. At present it contains all possible pages of 3200 characters, about 104677 books.

Artist: Jonathan Basile, 2015


Submission Form

The submission form is closed.


What are the two submission categories?

  • Open Dataset (Bring Your Own Data) - Any dataset your piece is inspired from is allowed as long as you have permission to use it.
  • Provided Data Category (Census Data) - The US census received much attention in 2020 year due to the reforms it received. Let it inspire you!

Can I augment the provided public dataset with my own data for a submission in the Provided Data Category?


What are the factors considered for judging?

Originality, technical ability, craftmanship, and interpretation of the festival theme.

Can I submit in both categories?

Yes, but only one piece in each category will be considered.

Can I submit as part of a team?

Yes, but the prize will be split evenly between contributing members if selected.

What if I can't code? Can I still submit a piece?

Yes, we consider all submissions inspired by data.

Am I required to turn over my source code for my submission to be considered?

Not at all. But we love open source and the opportunity it provides to inspire other artists and data practicioners.

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